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Case Studies

These case studies demonstrate the remarkable results Bergeron Creative branding campaigns have achieved for clients. Each case study shows our branding process Creategy™ in action. The Creategy™ branding process has been developed and refined over the past two decades and reveals the DNA behind all brands.

The key to Creategy™ is that it forces our clients and our creative team to fully engage both hemispheres of the brain in terms of brand development. The intuitive right side of the brain allows for creating really big ideas that express what makes a brand different and valuable to customers. The analytic left side of the brain determines implementation strategy, budgeting and metrics for campaign measurement and improvement.

We believe in transparency so that you know what you are getting when our creative team goes to work for you. At its best, Creategy™ helps to pinpoint the intersection between creative ideas and brand strategy at the very essence of a brand, distilled to its simplest and purest form:the brand story. These are the words and images that connect with audiences at a deep emotional level, making your brand the only choice.

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Al Bergeron is President and Chief Creative Officer at Bergeron Creative Studios, a nationally recognized award-winning branding firm, integrates physical, digital and social media with search marketing into a unified force that helps clients win.

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